Color Creations

Inspired by the unique shades and tones found within the beauty of nature, each color has been mixed and created exclusively for the collection. Born from the essence of the oceans & lush jungles of Punta de Mita, each color contains a story, channeling the creative essence of the brand. The following color palette has been developed from a love of nature allowing one to incorporate a piece of paradise into their wardrobe. 


“PALMA”:  Inspired by the array of the many different shades and tones of green found within 1 single palm leaf. We developed this color mix to feel luxury yet raw, reflecting the lush and vibrant jungles of Punta de Mita and Puerto Vallarta. 

“CACAO”: Pronounced kuh·kau like the bean from which chocolate is extracted/derived- this shade is a deep & rich tone of brown. Warm undertones in this mix shimmer in the sun, while golden accents on select pieces bring out its unique luster. 

“LITIBU” BLUE: Inspired by the many layers of blue within the Pacific Ocean scattered with the shimmer of bioluminescent evenings and moonlit night swims - “LITIBU” channels an electric-marine color of a secret beach undiscovered.

“TINTO”: A wine-colored mix inspired by the surroundings of an evening on the beach…The color of the ocean and sky between the last bit of sunset light and the depth of the evening…purple sea-shells & sea urchins, ink colored water… This shade embodies golden undertones that shimmer in the sun.

“MARINO”: A deep navy hue reflecting the depths & vastness of the ocean, synonymous with timeless sophistication and nautical luxury.

“SUNSET”: Inspired by the warmth of the tropics, channeling the reflection of  vibrant sunsets and tropical heat.