Color Creations

Color evokes emotions…each of our colors have been mixed and developed exclusively for SKYLER SWIMWEAR.

Inspired by the unique colors of nature, each shade contains a story:

“PALMA”: mixed and created exclusively for by us for SKYLER SWIMWEAR, “PALMA” is inspired by the array of different shades and tones of green found within 1 single palm leaf. In an attempt to express this natural beauty found in nature, we made this color mix to feel high end and chic, yet raw- PALMA was born from a love of nature.and the desire for a unique shade.

“CACAO”: a deep rich tone of brown- warm undertones shimmer in the sun, while golden accents on select pieces bring out its unique luster. Pronounced kuh·kau like chocolate- every angle in the sun brings out the beauty in this mix.

“LITIBU” BLUE: inspired by the many layers of blue within the pacific ocean scattered with the shimmer of bioluminescent evenings and moonlit night swims - “Litibu” channels an electric-marine color of a secret beach undiscovered.